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About Health Logx

Founder, Angela Stevens, RN BSN 

Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Certified Health Coach

Health Logx utilizes Remote Patient Monitoring to manage patients', clients', and employees' chronic conditions.  The Founder, Angela Stevens, is a Registered Nurse/Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, as well as a Certified Health Coach with over a decade of experience in Chronic condition management through RPM and proven success in outcome improvement for PreDiabetes, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Obesity for patients, clients, and employees.   

Health Logx specializes in engaging, educating, and empowering patients to reach their optimal health goals.  Condition-specific surveys are used to identify opportunities for lifestyle modifications and personalized health coaching.  

We provide chronic condition management with Real-time Monitoring as well as personalized health coaching that lead to outcome  improvements, reduction in healthcare costs. and new streams of  revenue for clinics. 

Patient Feedback

“This type of program is the future of healthcare”       ~ patient participant of  Hypertension 12-week program

“I have such peace of mind knowing you’re there monitoring my husband’s blood pressure and weight”                                                                                   ~ spouse of patient with Heart Failure and Hypertension

“I’m able to get real-time feedback and recommendations on my blood sugar numbers"          ~ patient logging daily Blood glucose

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