Turnkey, Real-time Chronic Condition Management with Health Coaching

Patients easily track multiple metrics including Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Heart Rate, and Weight on a comprehensive remote patient monitoring platform, through synced Blue-tooth enabled devices or manual logging.   

Chronic conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Prediabetes, and Obesity are monitored and managed in real-time while patients receive personalized education and Health Coaching. Shared-decision action plans are created for behavior change and lifestyle modifications to effectively improve outcomes, reduce health costs, and decrease hospital admissions. 

Real-time monitoring, management of trends and parameter alerts lead to accelerated improvement of outcomes

Clinicians educate, empower, and encourage patients to reach their action plans and overall health goals.  

Clinic revenue generated through appropriately billed Medicare and select commercial payor RPM reimbursement.   

  •          25% of patients are able to reduce or discontinue chronic medications


  •         81% achieve controlled blood pressures within three months 


  •           Average reduction in A1C within three months = 2 points

  •          Patients and caregivers report "peace of mind" with remote monitoring