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Below are the results of three of the most frequent chronic condition care management programs provided by Health Logx for patients. The goal of facilitating opportunities for lifestyle improvements with compassionate care is clear in these outcomes.
89% of patients achieved normal blood pressures within 12 weeks
Average blood pressure reduction range -22/-9
55% of patients were able to reduce or discontinue one to two Hypertension medications within one year.
Type 2 
33% of patients moved from DM range to prediabetes range with no meds.
17% of patients were able to reduce the dosage of one of their DM medications within 16 weeks.

Starting A1Cs ranged b/t 6.7% - 12.2%; Average 8.4%

Ending A1Cs ranged b/t 5.7% - 7.6%: Average 6.4%

Weight Management Results
Average weight loss over 12 weeks = 7.5 lbs; Avg 4% of body weight loss in 12 weeks
Average A1C reduction in patients with Diabetes participating was 1.8 points

Average reduction in Blood pressure in patients with Hypertension was -8/-6

Across ALL programs, patients reported feeling lifestyle habits adopted were sustainable.
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