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Employer Wellness Programs

Health and Wellness programs delivered to your employees to: 

  • Lower Health costs

  • Reduce Work absences 

  • Increase work productivity

  • Reduce workers' disability-related costs

  • Boost employee morale

Multiple Health Programs offered including:

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes Type 2

  • PreDiabetes

  • Obesity and Weight Management

Pre and Post Biometric Screenings offered

Remote Patient Monitoring 

Personalized Health Coaching

Communication with participant provider as needed 

Chronic Condition Education

Health Risk Surveys

Option to join Fitness Challenges and Leaderboards

Employer Program Results 

  • 6% of participants were identified to be New onset Diabetic at prescreening biometrics. 

  • 16% of participants identified as  New onset PreDiabetic at prescreening (50% of these were in the normal range by the end of the program)

  • Average weight loss overall was 7.5 lbs; Avg 4% loss of body weight

  • 12% of participants moved from Obese to Overweight BMI Range  

  • 25% of Diabetic patients at beginning of the program were in low prediabetes range by end of program without meds

  • Triglycerides improved in 73% of participants

  • HDL improved in 57% of participants

  • LDL improved in 24% of participants

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