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Improve Health Outcomes

Real-time management of trends through RPM, along with personalized health coaching accelerates outcome improvement.

Graph demonstrating the typical outcome of a patient with Hypertension  managed with Remote Patient Monitoring and Health coaching model

cpap graph htn.PNG

Graph demonstrating a positive trend in Blood pressure after low dose Hypertension medication and CPAP were initiated

12-week Program Outcomes

Hypertension Results

  • 89% of patients in the 12-week Hypertension program delivered via RPM achieved normal blood pressures within three month

  • Average Blood pressure reduction was -22/-9

  • 55% of patients were able to reduce or discontinue one to two Hypertension medications during the program or within one year of beginning the 12-week program

Diabetes Type 2 Results

  •  Starting A1Cs ranged b/t 6.7% - 12.2%; Average 8.4%

  •  Ending A1Cs ranged b/t 5.7% - 7.6%: Average 6.4%

  • 33% of patients moved from DM range to prediabetes range with no meds.

  • 17% of patients were able to reduce the dosage of one of their DM medications during this program

Weight Management Results

  • Average Weight loss over 12 weeks = 7.5 lbs; Avg 4% of body weight loss in 12 weeks

    • This increased to 12 lbs in patients/clients who also chose to use an evidence-based meal supplement to ​assist in their weight loss program..

  • Participants measured one year later on average had sustained their weight loss and lost an average of 1 more lb.

  • Average A1C reduction in patients with Diabetes participating was 1.8 points

  • Average reduction in Blood pressure in patients with Hypertension was -8/-6

  • Patients reported feeling lifestyle habits adopted in our programs were sustainable 

Employer Program Results 

  •  6% of participants were identified to be New onset Diabetic at prescreening biometrics. 

  • 25% of Diabetic patients at beginning of the program were in a low prediabetes range by end of program without meds

  • 16% of participants were identified as  New onset PreDiabetic at prescreening (50% of these were in the normal range by the end of the program)

  •  Average weight loss overall was 7.5 lbs; Avg 4% loss of body weight

  • Triglycerides improved in 73% of participants

  • HDL improved in 57% of participants

  • LDL improved in 24% of participants

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